Below is a copy of the email for which I was permanently banished.

  Fri 6/6/2003 10:03am
Subject: Grumman Gang email forgeries potential v-i-r-u-s
  (Note: my apologies for not getting this here sooner, but my email of yesterday was bounced by the nannie.)


Today I received two presumably bogus emails addressed directly to me (not the Grumman-Gang). One was from Ron Levy entitled "Re: Fuel Range," and the other from Robert Gresli entitled "Black Liquid on Traveler Ventral Fin." In addition to a body containing what was probably once a legitimate email exchange on the Grumman-Gang, both emails contained attachments with the filename extension ".scr," which is a Windows screensaver executable, and a known source of viruses, which should never be opened.

One explanation is that Ron's and/or Robert's computers have been infected in such a way that they surreptitiously send email to various entries in their address books. A more likely explanation is that these emails came from a third party's computer who happened to contain Ron's and Roberts (and my) email addresses; indeed, the emails appear to be forgeries, as both sender's email bore HotMail domain names, but were relayed through foreign SMTP servers (e.g., For example, the email from 'Ron Levy' bore the return address of

If you receive any Grumman-Gang email addressed directly to you, do not open any attachments.

Ever vigilant,

Joe Campbell
N4524P '79 Tiger
HWD (Hayward, CA)