Rear Canopy Seals


After much frustration trying to keep my canopy from rattling using the plastic rear canopy seals from Fletchair (and the little stabilizing rubber blocks on the original), I finally threw up my hands and developed this solution. Unlike the replacement seals from Fletchair, which quickly scuff the paint on the turtle back, the felt used in this solution has had no effect on my paint after 3 years.

Although I did this modification while I had the canopy off, it's clear that it can be done with the canopy installed on the aircraft--probably in less than 30 minutes. Two large, high-resolution photos at the end of this document show details of my installation.

Here's a step-by-step guide.


Although I used 3-inch wide felt strips, it's clear from the wear marks that 2-inch strips are sufficient. The strip is glued about 1/2-inch for the rear edge of the canopy.

This shot is taken upward from the cargo door.